Customer Testimonials

We have had our fleet of E-Z-GO RXV ELiTE Lithium carts for just over year now and we are really pleased with their performance.
They are really sturdy and require very little maintenance. They have also reduced our power consumption by over 20%.
Highly recommend these carts and the service of Golf Car World.

Tim Crosbie - Carramar Golf Course
Australian PGA Member & Director

Mount Lawley Golf Club has had a fleet of E-Z-GO RXV ELiTE Lithium Golf Carts in service for nearly 18 months.
These carts have proven to be extremely reliable. We can comfortably hire them out for 36 holes in a day and know that they will last the distance. As always, the carts are sturdy and have presented very few issues in the time that we have had them. We highly recommend these carts to anyone who may be thinking of trying out the E-Z-GO range.

Peter Maidment - Golf Operations Manager
Mount Lawley Golf Club

I would just like to say thank you for providing us the the new Lithium E-Z-GO ELiTE carts. They do not miss a beat doing 36 holes and Members enjoy the ride and quiet experience. Plus the residents do not complain about the noise petrol carts make anymore.
As always the after sales service has been great, whenever we ask for something Tim and Jay provide exceptional service.
I would not hesitate recommending E-Z-GO.

Ben Sweeny - General Manager
Secret Harbour Golf Links

Hi Jay and Tim ,
Just wanted to firstly wish you both a Merry Christmas and thank you and your staff for the great service and added friendship .
I have been running your "RXV Elite " rental carts for approximately one year and found them to be clearly superior to any other carts for our requirements ( although the standard RXV's have been great too). We are in an unusual postion of having to store our carts in the shop overnight for charging and it is so good to have no battery acid leaks on the shop carpet . The charging , being far quicker , makes them ideal for us as we are only on normal household power and can charge 3 carts at a time . Therefore we are able to use timers overnight and with the quicker charging time , we can get our entire fleet charged overnight, everynight . This is necessary because they all are hired twice daily and comfortably get 36 holes , with the bonus of being 100% trouble free in the initial year . I am finding the running costs to be a good percentage cheaper , and the bonus of the carts being lighter ... means less damage to the course , especially in the wetter months . I have been extremely happy with the Carts and the Service . Thanks to All at E-Z-GO and Golf Car World

Rod Salter - General Manager
Hamersley Public Golf Course

We are a hilly Kikuyu grass course and until we purchased the E-Z-GO RXV ELiTE carts with lithium batteries operating the cart fleet was at times a challenge. The new RXV ELiTE lithium carts have given us the opportunity to run our fleet for 36 holes per day and maximise our returns and keep our members playing, whilst also protecting the course with lighter carts.
The finish of the carts is outstanding, seating comfortable, easy to drive, I can't speak highly enough of the design.
The servicing of the carts is done by Tim Wilhelm and his team and nothing is too much trouble. Recently we had a cart issue on a Thursday at 11am and the service van was with us to effect repairs by 3pm, to me that is outstanding service.

Bruce Hay - Golf Operations Manager
Cottesloe Golf Club

We have had the new Lithium E-Z-GO ELiTE carts at the Club for just on two years.
They do not miss a beat doing 36 holes and due to the high temperatures and humidity in the Northern Territory, this is most important. Standard lead-acid batteries simply do not last in the heat. The Lithium batteries have a 5 year warranty.
The revenue that we bring in for these carts verses the lease cost and maintenance, adds up to a great business case.
As always the after sales service has been great, whenever we ask for something Tim and Jay provide exceptional service.
I would not hesitate recommending E-Z-GO.

Matthew Hewer - General Manager
Palmerston Golf & Country Club

The Sea View Golf Club is a Links Golf Course set on Cottesloe Beach and when off in the rough looking for your ball, can be quite bumpy. The Lithium E-Z-GO carts handle this type of terrain with ease and the battery life left after 18 holes is an absolute lifesaver too!
In my 20 years in the industry, previous brands as they've aged, would struggle to get through anything more than 18 holes. I can happily have a cart returned and send it straight back out and be assured I won't be receiving a phone call that the customer's buggy has gone flat.
The after service that is provided by E-Z-GO / Golf Car World, is second to none. If we have any issues with our carts, the team is only a phone call away and they are straight down at the golf club within 24 hours to get that cart back on the golf course.
The club members have also appreciated the added bonuses on the carts from sand buckets, eskies and also bag canopies for when it's raining.
From choosing the colour, organising finance and swapping out the old fleets to new fleets, E-Z-GO/ Golf Car World will always deliver.
They will always be #1 in this business.

Tristan McCallum - Managering Secretary
Sea View Golf Club

As WA's premier private golf course our Members and guests expect premium quality products on offer and this is evident with our striking fleet of Patriot Blue E-Z-GO RXV ELiTE Lithium Golf Carts.
We hire these carts out with complete confidence they will handle our undulating Main Course, last 36 holes comfortably and provide a premium experience with the various features within.
The maintenance free batteries have substantially reduced our ongoing R&M costs which can become overwhelming at times with large cart fleets. Together with being highly energy efficient and eco-friendly, It's hard to see why you would choose anything else.
Tim, Jay and the team at Golf Car World have always provided us with exceptional service at LKCC and nothing is ever too much trouble. My first recommendation to anyone in the industry would be to consider the E-Z-GO RXV ELiTE Lithium Golf Carts and deal with the team at Golf Car World.

Craig Ridge - Director of Golf
Lake Karrinyup Country Club

In 2019 we (Gosnells Golf Club) took the decision to upgrade our existing E-Z-GO fleet of motorised carts to E-Z-GO RXV ELiTE Lithium carts. The decision was an easy one to make for us given the age of our existing fleet and the challenges we were experiencing with the batteries.
The service we received from Tim & Jay during the transition was outstanding and the carts are performing well 6 months on.
For our shop staff, the headache of working out which carts will do 18 holes on our hilly course, which will do more and which can only do 9 has gone - not to mention the fact that we can quickly turn them over thanks to the short charging time.
Our members enjoy the certainty of taking out the new carts - they know as well as we do that they will not have their round interuppted by cart problems!
I would not hesitate to recommend E-Z-GO Lithium Carts to anyone thinking of upgrading their existing fleet or embarking on a first time purchase.

Lucy Guppy - General Manager
Gosnells Golf Club

Sun City Country Club has used E-Z-GO golf carts for a number of years with the great service from Golf Car World.
We have recently changed to a new fleet of E-Z-GO RXV ELiTE Lithium powered carts and have been extremely pleased with the performance and relaibility of the new fleet. Golfers feedback has been positive in regards to comfort, driveability and quality.
Sun City is a very long course with a number of steep hills and the carts have stood up to the challenge extremely well.
Thanks again for the great service.

Jim Danas - General Manager
Sun City Country Club

Broome Golf Club have had the new EZGO RXV ELiTE lithium carts for about 8 months and have found them incredibly reliable. At least 36 holes out of each of them per day.
Our cart revenue since receiving the new carts has almost doubled and the staff love not having to fill batteries and no acid burns.
The ELiTE lithium carts are very solid and the members / visitors love driving them.
Tim and Jay's after sales service has been great and I would recommend these carts to anyone.
Best decision cart wise we have made.

Bill Minns - Sec/Manager
Broome Golf Club

Hi Jay, Simon delivered our new Cushman Hauler Pro Utility out to our place today and gave me a full run down on it's operation. My wife and I went for a run around our property and it handled the steepest hills with ease and is very comfortable. My wife drove it and pronounced it ideal.
I am very happy with the service you have provided, from the very first contact, to the extremely prompt delivery. I wish all companies were as easy to deal with as yours.
I wish you and your team every success in the future, you deserve it.
Very best regards,

Roger Bittner - Albany